The Spiritual Life is a process of discovering and realizing the true self that is hidden within the sacred space within us. It is like entering a deep cave inside, utterly dark, yet full of Light.

"To make Jesus Christ known and loved to the glory of the Father". Anne had no other desire than to devote herself to God. The Company of St. Ursula which she founded on 16th June 1606, devoted themselves to the Christian education of girls and women. She was inspired by Ignatian Spirituality and chose to live without the cloister. The Sisters of St. Ursula therefore set themselves in a special way to help women to become aware of their dignity and their role in the world in the spirit of the Gospel. (Constitution No. 7)

As a young woman, Anne, who felt called to instruct others in faith, had a spiritual experience which would be very decisive for her future mission. She wanted to know in what way she should teach the principal mysteries of faith and prayed to the Lord to teach her. God heard her prayer. One morning she was in ecstasy and had a vision of the Most Holy Trinity, who appeared to her, taught her the principal mysteries of faith for herself and how to teach them to others. No wonder her pedagogy had been admired and followed by many who were involved in the work of ‘faith formation through education’. She had earlier seen how the Jesuits at nearby college taught the boys in school and she desired in her heart to do the same for the girls.

Anne was always a woman of deep love. Her whole attitude was one of loving compassion and forgiveness to the other be it her own family members, or the poor and needy. Most of us often think of her as a woman of great strength, but Anne at the same time was a woman of compassion, tenderness and mercy.

To make sure that the Society of St. Ursula should also in future remain faithful to its mission, Anne de Xainctonge laid down as fundamental principles:
● The Christian education of girls and women
● No enclosure
● Spirituality of St. Ignatius

The guiding force in the life of Anne de Xainctonge that burned in her heart was the desire to do God’s will, to make Jesus known and loved, to extend His reign among all people especially the marginalized. She said: "We shall not carry big torches that cast a brilliant light in the Church but little lamps to guide and enlighten girls, women and the poor".