The Spiritual Life is a process of discovering and realizing the true self that is hidden within the sacred space within us. It is like entering a deep cave inside, utterly dark, yet full of Light.

Provincialate, Shanti Ashram, Pune
In Solitude and Silence...
A day with our Foundress Anne de Xainctonge

Society of St. Ursula, India

As daughters of Anne de Xainctonge, our Foundress, we pledge ourselves to continue to burn brightly following what our Foundress has said : “We will not carry big torches that cast a brilliant light in the Church but we will carry little lamps that will guide and enlighten the girls, women and the poor. Following in her footsteps we strive to make God known and loved far and wide by living out our commitment in deeper love and dedication to the whole of humanity. May our newly launched website help us to connect with our Ursuline family in India and abroad, with friends and acquaintances in love and prayer to the world and the needs of the Church.