The Spiritual Life is a process of discovering and realizing the true self that is hidden within the sacred space within us. It is like entering a deep cave inside, utterly dark, yet full of Light.

“Your Love and Your Grace are enough for us.”

We rejoice with our Sisters in Africa as they celebrated the first profession of: Srs. Ambrosia Chapita, Margaret Mary Makuwerere, Mercy Mapfidza, Maria Kampila, Ursula Mashora, & Pauline Mangumbi. The function took place at Mount Nicholas Libode on 15th December 2017 at 10.00 AM. Sr. Pushpa the General along with her team- Sr. Augusta, Sr. Cecilia and Sr. Chitra were present on this auspicious occasion. We congratulate the newly professed and rejoice with Sr. Mary and all our sisters of the African Region.





Message From the Superior General, Sr. Pushpa Kommattam
Once in a while we all need to hear somebody say "I think you are wonderful."
Encourage some one with these words today. Rom.12.10, Eph.4.32

We all need this "Bravo" now and then. We are like a piece of mosaic. Each piece is important for the full picture. Everyone may not be nice in our eyes, but there is something nice in everyone.
Let us try our best to find that something which is nice in others.
You are who you are for a reason.
You are part of an intricate plan.
Youre a precious and perfect unique design.
Called God's special child/ woman.

Each one in the province is like that mosaic piece, no matter what the shape or size, or even where it is placed, all the pieces together make the full picture as God wants from us as a family of Ursuline Province of India.
There is a God who made us for a reason and our life has profound meaning ! We discover that meaning and purpose only when we make God the reference point of our lives.

After meeting nearly all the Sisters, I feel each one is trying to do her part, though a bit more of collaboration with one another is essential.
Thank you very much for your warm welcome and friendly atmosphere Sr. Augusta and I experienced in every community we visited. May God Bless each one of you and grant you the grace to serve the Lord. Be sure you are in my prayers daily.

Sr. Pushpa Kommattam
Message From Sr. Augusta, Assistant General
Dear Sr. Rita, dear Sisters all,

With a thank- filled heart I look back on the 9 weeks, I have spent in India with you all. It was for me a coming home, where I have spent the greater part of my life. I like to thank you for the warm welcome we have received and the love, which was visible and tangible that you gifted us with. May God bless you all.

In deep joy and gratitude I could see the hard, selfless work you put in, to reach the GOALS Mother Anne set out for our Society. I am proud of you all.

The seeds we have sown are bearing fruits.

The spiritual preparation during the Chapter on Discernment, which Fr. Gratian SJ, gave us, helped all of us in our group-discusssions, to spell out the needs of the Province and the qualities we expect of a councillor.

Joyful seeker of God in all the events of life... and all the events of life must lead me to a deeper love of the Trinity.

Deep faith in God and in Others, Clarity and Passion for Mission,
Loyalty to the Society, Confidentiality and Working in Inner Freedom,
To be an integrated Person with non-judgmental attitude,
Being Mission -oriented over one's likes and dislikes etc.

Now as a team, we all work together. Each Sister must be ready and willing to work hard to contribute her part, so that as a Community, we all together achieve these Goals.

Once more I wish you all lots of inner Joy and Strength in spreading the Kingdom of God.

Yours affectionately,
Sr. Augusta