The Spiritual Life is a process of discovering and realizing the true self that is hidden within the sacred space within us. It is like entering a deep cave inside, utterly dark, yet full of Light.

Social Apostolate

Inspired by the leadership, the example and teaching of Pope Francis and by his unique concern for the poor and passion for the transformation of human conditions so that all may enjoy dignified human conditions of life, Evangelii Gaudium, The Joy of the Gospel an apostolic exhortation had been issued on 24th Nov. 2013.

In the exaltation Pope Francis writes: "I would now like to share my concerns about the social dimension of evangelization, precisely because if this dimension is not properly brought out, there is a constant risk of distorting the authentic and integral meaning of the mission of evangelization (176)".

Our Constitution No. 12 says: "The sisters whose mission sends them to live among other people must realize that they will hardly ever perfectly understand their culture, mentality and language. Thus with understanding and perseverance they will have to learn from these people so that they may better help them and lead them to Jesus Christ in ways adapted to them."

Our presence among people will be animated by the love with which God has loved us and which he wants us to share with others. In the spirit of St. Paul who became ‘all things to all people’ we will identify ourselves with the people with whom we work.

Pope Francis says: "Charity is born of the call of a God who continues to knock on our door, the door of all people, to invite us to love, compassion and service to one another. In prayer there are no rich or poor, there are sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, all children of the same Father. In prayer God keeps calling us, opening our hearts to charity. The love of God, truly, comes towards us; it is like a swelling river that engulfs us without overwhelming us. The more we allow ourselves to be taken up by this love, the more our life will be renewed."

Varied are the apostolates our sisters are engaged in catering to the poor and the underprivileged in different centers such as:
a) ‘Tara’ in Pune which takes care of ‘Special Children’. This home is run by SOFOSH ( ) and our sisters are taking care of the children
b) HIV Positive children at Kadabagare in Karnataka
c) A Home for Street Children at ‘Premanjali’ – Maan, Boisar in the outskirts of Mumbai
d) Home for the Aged at Siolim – Goa
e) A Centre for ‘Women in Distress’ at ‘Ashirvad Nivas’ – Ratnagiri
f) Boardings at Different Centres

In our commitment to mission we draw strength from the Source- the Eucharist. Our most powerful apostolate is prayer. It is the vital force in every work we undertake for the cause of the Kingdom; making us zealous and enthusiastic in the apostolic Mission.